Name: Brooke Tyler

The Story:

Brooke contacted us directly about wanting to appear on the site and to “humiliate” her husband by having a recording of her sexual encounter with another man. Apparently she is in one of those hot-wife/cuckold marriages because she has sex with anyone she wants but not her husband. Anyways, I pointed her in Tony’s direction since she requested a younger guy; I guess younger male lovers are also part of her “thing”. Apparently Brooke became a hot wife 8 years ago when her husband took her to a swing club and watched her take another lover while he waited in another room. /font>

Brooke showed up to Tony’s place wearing one of those outfits we always see professional women in, like realtors or executive secretaries. Since she was there for one thing and one thing only, Brooke and Tony got started quickly and without hesitation. Tony later told me that he found it interesting that Brooke took him bareback and when he asked her about it, she said that she makes only her husband wear condoms.

You can see that Brooke is an experienced cougar and loves to get fucked by different guys all the time. Later in the video, Brooke really begins to verbally humiliate and taunt her husband; I guess once she gets into it, she really gets into the whole hot-wife/cuckold thing. In the end, Tony finished up by giving her an external creampie; he pulled out and came down the middle of her ass and you can see his cum pour into her gaping pussy.


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