Name: Chanel

The Story:

Chanel is a hot girlfriend who happens to be very submissive and in "training" by her Dom boyfriend. She was telling me about her sexual past prior to meeting her and she told me that before her current relationship she was married for a long time in a traditional marriage and that her sex life was close to none. And it was not until she met her current boyfriend that she discovered the submissive slut in her that had been hiding for all these years.

I first met Chanel online and my initial plan was to fly out to Florida (where she was planning to vacation) to meet her. But to my luck, she was in California on business along with her boyfriend so I ended up meeting them at a hotel room near the airport. I remember that day I had fucked my own girlfriend for like couple of hours before meeting Chanel so I was not exactly as energetic as usual but when I met her, I was ready to fuck her. We first talked a bit, had some wine and then her boyfriend started giving her order to show me her tits, etc. And that's when I started to get my camera rolling. She first started by blowing him and then once I had the camera settled I joined in and we both tagged team her that night. She got fucked hard like a good obedient slut in all holes and in the end she got on her knees so we could blow cum all over her face.

I am not sure when we will see Chanel again but I am sure next time she is town, we'll take it to the next step by having a big gangbang for her. She needs it!


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