Dianna Prince

The Story:

Diana Prince is a 30-something, local, party girl who has gone to great lengths to look hot so that she can attract lots of men and enjoy her hobby of having many partners. She has actually been a member of the site for a while and gets a thrill from watching all the women having sex with guys other than their BF or husbands since she is into the same thing as well. Diana recently got the courage to make her lifestyle public and decided to ask us to appear on the website. Turns out, she does have a BF but that she didn’t tell him she was going to do it because in her own words, “its none of his business!” When Tony asked her if she was concerned about him finding out, she said she doesn’t care what he thinks.

Diana went over to Tony’s place and came ready to fuck; she was wearing a tight dress, panties and boots and nothing else. These items not only made her look hot, but they came off rather easily. Since she is rather forward about getting sexually satisfied, Tony decided the best thing would be to give her oral attention before asking her to do more. Diana soon slid down to her knees, took Tony in her mouth and was even able to deep throat him. When it was time to do more, Tony went to grab a condom and Diana quipped that condoms are for “youngster and hookers” so he went in bareback. Diana enjoyed Tony’s cock and when she was ready for his seed, she got on her back and asked Tony to pump it deep inside her. Afterwards, he offered her the use of his shower to clean up before she went back to her BF, but she said she didn’t need too. I guess someone might have gotten quiet a surprise later that night. Poor guy!


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