Name: Juliana

The Story:

Claire Juliana is a horny hot wife from Minnesota who was visiting California just last week. She was here because she wanted to get away from the snow (I can't even imagine what it must be like in Fargo) and come to the convention in LA for erotica. She came with her husband and she wanted to have some fun while out here. So they got in touch.

I have not done a video with a husband just watching for a while so I have to admit I was a bit unfocused. I actually would have preferred if he would have jumped in but he was too concerned about his privacy. But anyway, I did the interview and the pics in front of him and I fucked her for about half an hour while he was watching silently. And their thing was about cum over her face so in the end I obliged and shot my load all over Juliana's pretty face. They then left almost right away and I am sure she was getting fucked by her husband as soon as they got back to their hotel. Hope to see her again next time in California, she would look good with couple of cocks in her.


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