Name: Katie May

The Story:

By now some of you are already familiar with Katie, but for those that don't know, she is basically a hot girlfriend who has been engaged and plans to get married very soon. I've never met her boyfriend but she tells me he loves hearing about the stuff she does when she goes slutting around.

The last time I saw Katie was in the summer and one day out of the blue she called me up to see if she could come up to hang out. I told her anytime, so she came by and we fucked for hours, actually she spent the night so I did her several times that day. She had a new look to her and she wanted me to take pics of her at the beach, but we were so busy doing it we ended up postponing that until next time. By now she is very comfortable with me so she keeps on coming over whenever she feels horny.

So many women, so little time!


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