Name: Meadow Amorre

The Story:

Meadow Amore is someone else's hot girlfriend whom my friend Tony got to fuck fairly recently at his place. Her boyfriend had contacted me first actually about getting together but I wasn't able to do it so instead I had Tony meet up with them and talk to them about her being featured on the site. She has not been in the lifestyle for long and she was in a way scared about being on camera for fear of people finding out. But when the day came, she was able to go thru with it.

Now Meadow was very nervous because of the camera and one can probably tell since she was very conscious. That and the fact that she is not very vocal makes the video a little quieter than normal. But this is reality so what you see is what we got. Tony told me that after the video she wanted to call the boyfriend to come over and join for a threesome. But because Tony had his own girlfriend coming over that night, they had to postpone. And I am hoping I'll be able to fuck her next time I see her.


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