Andrea is a hot wife from the Midwest who came out to California for a vacation. She and her husband found out about the site a while back but she just never had the chance to come until few weeks ago. Andrea is technically a hot wife "virgin" as she has never been with another guy after getting married. But her husband always wanted her to pursue her wild side and this was an ideal way for her to try it out.

So I went to the place where she was staying (family) and took her out to a hotel nearby to do this video. And I was ready to go from the second she got in my car as she was very friendly and sexy. But we chatted a bit first and then went to the hotel and if there is one thing I regret is not spending more time with her.. she loves to fuck (as you'll see on the video) but I was in a rush to beat traffic that day because I had to be back home at a certain time. So I did her good but couldn't do her long enough by my standards.. so hopefully, next time she is out this way or me in her city, we will get together again and do her some more.