The Story: Recently I had the pleasure to meet up with Brenda James again after not seeing her in almost 2.5 years! She had been away in her home state dealing with work, etc. and she had not had the chance to come to visit so when she finally made plans, I was really happy.

The night she arrived, I went to her hotel room and this is the video that we shot. She had not had sex in a while so this made our meeting an even more special occasion. She opened the door in a sexy red gown and after a few minutes of catching up, we were at it. And I guess I'll let you guys watch the video so you can see how intense this video was.. in fact, I'll go as far as to say that this is one of the best videos on the site because there was so much build up prior to us meeting and we obviously were not really doing it for the cameras but more to enjoy ourselves.