Name: Cece Stone

The Story:

Cece Stone comes to us from Kansas and has a unique twist to the “hot wife/girlfriend” theme. It turns out that Cece’s fiancé likes to catch her “cheating” as part of their sex life. The game they play involves her appearing on as many websites as she can find and then he surfs the net looking for “proof” of her “cheating”. Once he finds something new, he confronts her and they have a “fight” which eventually leads to rough sex as a punishment for her. When Tony asked how this all came about, Cece told him that her fiancé found an old sex tape of her and an ex and that after the fight, they had great sex that night. It has now evolved to something we all can enjoy now.

After emailing me a few times, I put Cece in touch with Tony so that they could set up her next “cheating” encounter. Tony tells me that Cece really enjoys being encouraged to have sex with many guys without having to share her man with other women. She called it the best of both worlds. Anyways, Cece and Tony didn’t waste anytime getting started after the short interview and soon they were fucking bareback. Tony got Cece to cum hard before putting her into a doggy for his turn. And when it came time to Tony to cum, he decided that he would be a nice guy and not send Cece home to her fiancé knocked up, so he shot his load in the middle of Cece’s sexy ass. I’m not sure if that is going to help though because Tonys cum poured right down into her pussy.


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