Name: Allison Moore

The Story:

Allison Moore and her husband of 2 years are local swingers who are into the full swap and wifesharing scene. They contacted me to see if we would be interested in having Allison appear on the site so that she could come out to the whole world as a “hot wife”. I asked them how they got into the lifestyle and he replied that he had swung before with an ex and upon learning of this, Allison wanted to try it as well, I assume so that she could “out-do” the ex, but in the end, she liked being able to have hot sex with other men she gets to choose. Allison also enjoys other women sexually and Im sure she has no problem seducing men or women with those button-popping, 32DD titts.

Allison and Tony didn’t waste anytime in starting the adult fun; Tony jumped between Allison legs to get her juices flowing. He must have done a good job as soon they were sharing a pretty passionate kiss. I hope he didn’t break any of their swinging “rules”. Soon however, she was on her knees getting Tony hard and ready so that she could start off in her favorite position, riding him like a cowgirl. Tony fucked her bareback so I assume this is something they are OK with because he fucked her this way the whole time. In the end, he did pull out and came down her sexy ass; creampies must be something they keep to themselves.


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