Name: Amber Chase

The Story:

Amber Chase is a hot soon-to-be-wife from Oregon whose fiancé wanted to “lend” us his future wife and have her appear on the website. He enjoys seeing Amber with other men especially when the encounter is recorded for him to enjoy over and over again. Amber told Tony that this whole thing started with her and her boyfriend putting on webcam sex shows for other couples to see. It then turned into her boyfriend wanting to watch the show only, so he arranged to have another guy fuck her while he concentrated on just watching. Since starting out a couple of years ago, Amber has been “loaned” out to other websites as well; so much so, that she is in the process of starting her own website to archive all her encounters for the whole world to see.

Anyways, after setting a date, Amber flew down to LA to meet up with Tony at his place and showed up at his door wearing a sexy outfit in the holiday spirit. Amber was eager to show Tony that her panties matched her sweater and began to strip for Tony as he asked her about her “hot wife” experiences. Soon he was eating her pussy and giving Amber her first orgasms of the evening. When Amber decided to give instead of receive, she got and her knees and eagerly started blowing Tony. While giving him a BJ, Amber asked Tony to snap some pictures of her sucking dick with her cell-phone so she could immediately send them to her fiancé. She likes letting him know exactly when she is having sex with other men.

Amber and Tony went on to have at least an hour of hot sweaty sex with Amber having about half a dozen orgasms before Tony covered Amber’s face with cum. And again, Amber had Tony take cell-phone pics to send to her fiancé. When Amber left, Tony sent along a “thank-you” note to thank her fiancé for sharing his hot girlfriend.


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