Name: Angel

Location: California

The Story:

Angel is a slut wife from Mexico who now lives in LA. Her husband contacted me because he wanted to see her get fucked by other guys and I told him that what I specialized in. So we arranged a meeting between me, a friend and them at a bar few weeks ago. We had some drinks and everything went well and in the bar she was inviting us to fondle her and to finger her discreetly while we had people around us. So after that, we took her back to my friends place and we fucked her good. Her husband was very excited and proud of his slut wife and he was there sitting looking at the whole thing while we took turns on Angel's mouth and pussy.

We fucked her for quite some time and we came mostly all over her face. I think my friend came like 3 times and I just did it twice. And after we were done fucking her, her husband took her to the bedroom (he didn't want us to watch him) and fucked her in the ass behind doors. Angel really enjoyed herself and I think she will be doing a gangbang soon. They are also frequent patrons at the Freedom Acres and LA couples in Southern California, so if you are a swinger you might even know them.




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