Name: Angela Attison

The Story:

Angela and her husband met a friend of ours on a weekend trip to Catalina island. There is a bar there that is pretty well known for people in open lifestyles. Our friend started talking to them about swinging and they were very open. He then mentioned to them that we like to shoot girls who are in the lifestyle who might like to be on camera. They got very interested and asked him to put them in touch with us. Angela's husband has fantasized about seeing her being fucked by another guy for a while, and having it filmed adds a whole new dimenstion of nastiness that really turns him on. Angela came to shoot with us and took a copy of the video home to her husband to watch together and she said he was very turned on. She is a very sexy blonde with fantastic body and nice big tits. She loves to have a guy cum right on her tits, so we obliged her wish. We hope to see her again and maybe her hubby will want her to do something even more wild next time.


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