Name: Ashden

The Story:

I met Ashden about a week before I went to visit Florida. I was actually visiting the other side of the coast (Florida's Gulf Coast), but I made time to go see Ashden in Fort Lauderdale, which is the other side of Florida. So I talked to her on the phone a few days before I got there and I basically flew to Ft Lauderdale in between business meetings to do Ashden. Her husband was himself on a business trip in South America and this video was meant as a surprise for him when he returned to the US.

So once I got to Forth Lauderdale, I went to meet her up at a local coffe shop so we could first talk and get to know each other. And after just a few minutes, she was ready to go to the hotel room. She told me she didn't do the hot wife thing too much, but she did indulge in other men once in a while. And recently, she had found a forum online that she found interesting that eventually led to my website. She told me the idea of getting together to fuck while her hubby was away turned her on a lot, that plus the fact that he had gone on his trip for a few days and she was feeling very horny.

So once at the hotel room, I took a few quick pics and we started to fuck. And Ashden loves to fuck, I did her for hours that afternoon and she made me cum couple of times. But she still wanted more. Had it not been because I had already booked the flight the same day to go back to Tampa, I would have stayed the night and kept on fucking Ashden. So now, I know another horny hot wife I can fuck anytime when in Ft Lauderdale :-)


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