Name: Ashley Havoc

The Story:

Ashley is a big-tittied blonde from Orange County, California that has finally decided to plunge into the whole “hot wife/GF” lifestyle. She has a boyfriend who has encouraged her to sleep around so long as he either gets to watch or hear about it the next day. She told Tony that they don’t consider themselves true swingers because only she gets to play with other guys because he has a very visible job. She mentioned that she had always wanted to be more sexually active when she was younger but never had the courage to go through with it. Now that she not only has the encouragement of her BF, but that he thoroughly enjoys the thought, she has decided to let Tony be her first “hot date”.

Like many OC women, Ashley likes being sexy all the time regardless of their age, who they are with, or where they are at. She likes the whole slutty, Barbie doll look; bleached blond hair, big tits and completely shaved. She showed up wearing a tight shirt with no bra and a sexy short skirt but those clothing items didn’t stay on for long as she was ready and waiting for action. Once she was naked, Ashley and Tony started the show; she made sure to look deep into the camera the whole time to make sure her BF will see her look of lust and pleasure while he watches the tape later.

When it came time for Tony to shoot his load, he decided to be a nice guy and shoot on her face; he hadn’t asked if she was on birth-control and he doesn’t want an angry BF chasing him because he got the guy’s GF pregnant. Tony says he’s a gentleman and only likes to try to impregnate single females.


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