Name: Bianca

Location: Southern California

The Story:

Bianca is a fairly new hot wife who got into fucking other men just recently with the encouragement of her husband. I met her and her husband online after he sent me an email about featuring her on the site. She had never been with two men before at the same time and the thought of it scared her and excited her and her husband. So Bianca came over to my place to go up to the next level in her slut quest by agreeing to be on camera and getting her pussy filled with cum.

She was very nervous in the beginning, in fact, she came over and we went out for drinks first. Her husband would call her from time to time to see if she had started and after couple of hours, we finally got Bianca comfortable enough so we could start fucking her. I took pictures of her posing first which made her ease into it a bit and after a few minutes she was on her knees trying to swallow two cocks at the same time with her mouth. She sucked cock really well and she enjoyed my friend's cock a lot as it was the biggest she had ever seen. And while she was sucking on him, I started to pound her very wet pussy hard. And then we both just started to take turns on her mouth and pussy. "I'm a whore, I'm a whore" she would say while getting fucked and she really got off to the fact that she had turned into a real slut. And we fucked her and fucked until we both shoot our cumshots deep inside her wet pussy.

We then took a little break and we kept on taking turns on her until 3am that night. She left early in the morning and I gave her a copy of the tape so her hubby could enjoy seeing his wife graduate into a full slut.




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