Name: Brandi Minx

The Story:

Mrs. Brandi Minx is a hot wife from New York City and her and her husband decided that they wanted to take it to the next level and film one of her encounters. They have been married for 3 years and discovered each otherís kink when they were just dating. It turns out that Brandi was cheating on him and that he would try to hear or watch; he didnít confront her about it until the affair ended. He told her that he knew all along and that she should continue to do it so long as he got to watch.

Brandi says she usually brings over guys that she knows, not total strangers but guys that donít know her husband and she fucks them while her husband watches while hiding in the closet. Well I guess that is getting boring now, and since most guys freak out at the thought of being watched while banging some guys wife, Brandi and her husband contacted us to help them out. Tony doesnít travel out to the east coast so Mr. Minx sent his wife to us and told us to fuck her and record it so he could watch it at his convenience.

Tony fucked Mrs. Minx bareback even though she is not on birth control; she is trying to get knocked up again by her husband so she told Tony to pullout. When he offered to just wear a condom, Brandi said that part of the excitement and thrill was feeling the danger that she might get knocked up by Tony accidentally. Tony enjoyed fucking her married pussy and making her cum a few times. And when it came time for him to shoot his load, Tony did pull out and sprayed her asshole with his cum, after all, he doesnít want some angry husband coming after him.


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