Name: Caroline

The Story:

Caroline is a hot girlfriend with an amazing ass that we had the luck to video last week. This was her first time ever doing something like this. She decided to try it out after her boyfriend told her about the site and the idea of her being the center of attention for a bunch of guys and she decided to go for it. She has been with the lifestyle for few months now but she has mainly been to couple's only club. Only recently did they start inviting single guys to come join them at their home for threesomes. Caroline enjoys the idea of being slutty and really loves to fuck (as you will see).

I think the last time we saw a girl with an ass like Caroline was Drunna. I think if we could get them together someday it would be heaven!! Caroline had a great time and came many times on and off camera and she hopes guys will like her so she can come back again and show off some more.


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