Name: Carrie Anne

The Story:

Carrie Anne is a hot girlfriend that is planning to get married this summer. I met her first thru a friend of a friend and she had done some videos before plus about to get married, so I made sure I got her for the site since I think she looks beautiful and hot. I never got to meet the boyfriend but I sure did hear a lot about him.

And basically on this occasion she came over to my place after talking to her over the phone. We had everything set up but unfortunately for me, right before she came over, she had an argument with her fiancée (they're fine now) so she was not in the best moods. I thought about postponing the whole thing since I felt her mind was going to be somewhere else, but at the same time I really wanted to fuck her. So I decided to do it anyway and the video came out on the shorter side because like I had predicted, she was not in the moment. But I still enjoy fucking her and eventually we got together again for my other site and I fucked her much better that time.


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