Name: Chelsea

The Story:

I met Chelsea in Florida on my most recent trip out there. I went to a “greedy girls” night at a club in Fort Lauderdale on a Wednesday night and it was packed. Not sure what it is about Florida, but I guess all that sun make people horny. Anyway, I got in couple of gangbangs with some slut wives and when I went to the bar to take a break, I met Chelsea and her husband. They had just finished playing and were taking a break too, and we started just talking. I told them I was from out of town and that I was visiting for couple of days. I also told them about the sites I have and the stuff that I do, and she told me she was curious about it but too concerned about her identity being revealed to actually be on video. We then got back to the play rooms and I ended up fucking Chelsea along with her husband, we did her pretty good and then we kept on talking while taking a break. I told her if she wanted to hide identity we could do it by having her wear glasses or a wig, and they thought that was a good idea. So after finishing up playing that night, Chelsea agreed to come down to where I was to do this video.

Chelsea took a long lunch from work that day to come to my hotel, so that was cool of her. I told her we could do stuff in the car (as in fucking her in a parking lot by her job) but that wasn’t too much of a good idea since the sun would warm the car up too much and we could get caught. So we just did the hotel thing. Chelsea has a beautiful body and I made sure I took enough pictures so guys can appreciate her. She told me she and her husband will get off thinking of how many guys will be jerking off to her, as to him is like sharing his wife with a lot of people. Anyway, after the pics I fucked her for about an hour all bareback after showing her my test (I had not barebacked her the night before) and in the end I shot my cum all over her face.



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