Name: Chelsea

The Story:

Chelsea was at an adult bookstore when Tony happened to run into her; she had just spent the morning with her future in-laws at church and brunch and decided to take a break from having to be all up tight by stopping in the local porn shop. He took notice because she was wearing a pretty conservative 50's retro style outfit and looking at some pretty nasty porn DVDs. He struck up a conversation with her and turns out she lives a conservative lifestyle most of the time now but that in the past, she was a very wild girl. Her current fiance knows this and knows that she needs to let her hair down every once in a while in order to keep her happy. She said she used to work at an adult bookstore and really loves all kinds of porn, and the rougher the better. He talked her into doing a shoot for the website and she came over later that afternoon. Chelsea loves rough sex and misses her days at the XXX store. She said she wants to try more things in the future and loved her first screen experience. She has an amazing bubble ass that just explodes off of her lower back. She also happens to love creampies so she got some cum inside of her too. We think we'll be seeing this girl again and we would like to thank her fiance for letting her be herself.


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