Name: Cheyenne

The Story:

Cheyenne is a hot wife from the East coast who is visiting California in a road trip with her husband. She is also a feature dancer at some clubs in LA and SF and she and her husband contacted me recently about being on the site. Her husband really gets off watching her being a slut and they thought it would be fun to be on the site and meet me, since they liked what I have done with this site and the gangbang site. He told me they had been doing this for years and that he actually met her at a club back East. He said the fact that she looked so slutty and would play with some of the club patrons turned him on a lot. And so he eventually started going out with her and ended up married her. Surprisingly she has not done a gangbang just yet but is thinking about it so maybe we'll see her fucked by my friends too.

So last week they both came to my place for drinks and what not before going to the club where she was going to dance too. And while we were talking about possibly being on the site since we were planning to get together on a day where she didn't have to go dance, she started to get horny. I started to fondle her in front of her husband and he asked me to just do the video. So I grabbed my cameras and started this shoot. She was horny for dick and when Cheyenne needs it, she gets it so there was not point in waiting for another day. So basically after introducing her on video, we both started to take turns on her. She enjoyed talking to her husband while I fucked her from behind and I fucked her good for a long time in that position. We fucked her for a good hour until her husband came inside Cheyenne's pussy. And me, not really being a big fan of sloppy seconds aimed my load to her face and mouth. After cumming, we took a break, had few more drinks and we kept on fucking her into the evening. They then left to the club where she was going to dance and I am sure she ended up rubbing her sloppy creampied pussy on some unsuspecting patron..



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