Name: Christina

The Story:

Christina is a friend of Brenda James, who we know very well and who did her first gangbang with us back in November. Christina has known Brenda for a few years and was always fascinated by Brenda's lifestyle and knew about her website. Christina's boyfriend also gets very turned on seeing Christina with other guys and asked her if she would do it on camera for him someday. She got a referral from Brenda to contact us since she was traveling to the west coast for a trip to visit a friend. Christina is as wild as Brenda is and loves the idea of having sex on camera for other people to watch. She also is thinking of staring her own website like Brenda did. Christina is very tall at 5'10" and has amazing natural C-cup tits great for sucking and fucking. We told her we would love to gangbang her too if she is up for the challenge and to have her ask Brenda how much fun her gangbang was. We do hope we'll be seeing Christina again soon.


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