Name: Daisy Duxe

The Story:

Daisy is a very hot wife that I met few weeks ago when I was in Georgia. I had been a "fan" of her for years but I never got a chance to meet her until that time because we just never had the chance. She had a site a while back ago and I always wanted to do her so when I knew I was going to be in the area I contacted her. And at that time I drove to her city and met up with her and her husband for drinks. We got along well and I ended up fucking her that night along with her husband, who enjoys sharing her.

The recently, Daisy came out to LA to meet up with Juliana (the hot blond wife from Minnesota) to do some videos and my friend Tony got the chance to fuck her on camera. I was supposed to be there that night to double team her but I was out on another date, so Tony enjoyed himself fucking this very hot horny wife. He told me he really enjoyed fucking her and that the only thing is that she would not let him cum inside her . Maybe next time when she gets to know us better we'll be filling her with cum :)


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