Name: Debbie

The Story:

Debbie enjoyed the first time we got together and after that we have ended up fucking several times more. He husband approves and what excites him the most is getting surprised with pictures or traces of her getting just fucked. So in the past few months I have been fucking Debbie on and off camera a lot. She really loves to fuck, I love fucking her, and her husband enjoys it too so it is a win/win situation for everyone involved.

This time I booked a hotel nearby and had Debbie cum over. We went to dinner at the restaurant downstairs first and I was already feeling her up down there. I even managed to finger her in a semi full restaurant, which I could see it excited her even more. So after a nice dinner we came up and we wasted little time in getting down to business. I took some pictures of her first as usual and then I started to penetrate her holes. Her pussy was so wet and ready and since her husband was on a trip, I had her all night to myself. But the video is of our first session of the night, we must have gone at it for about an hour until I couldn't hold it any longer and ended nutting inside her wet pussy. After that, we had some drinks, had a little break and I kept on fucking her until late only to go to sleep and wake up again with my cock in her mouth in the morning.. best way to rise in the morning :)

I still fuck Debbie on a regular basis so you will be seeing more of this slut wife. I am also training her to be more slutty and maybe one day I'll even set up a gangbang for her so she can become a real gangbang nymph slut.



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