Name: Debbie

Location: California

The Story:

Debbie is a fairly new hot wife who just recently started dating other men with the encouragement of her husband. We had planned this thing for the website for a while but this was going to be sort of a surprise for her husband. She has been married for almost 10 years but started to swing only this year when she met someone at the office she works at. I went to her house to shoot this video because she was ready to do it that day when we spoke on the phone so everything was sort of impromptu. I drove to a bar to meet her near where she Works and from there we went back to her place. We had to do it before her husband got back (he didn't know she was hooking up that day) so I got to her place got her naked and she started to suck my cock on her knees. She loves to suck cock and lick balls and it was an awesome feeling to feel her loving my cock with her mouth. I then started her out and I loved eating her pussy a lot!! She was so wett and she tasted really good too. And then I just stated to fuck her pussy bareback, we had talked about condoms before but we got so hot we didn't care.

I fucked her hard and good for less than one hour but it was pretty intense as she loved every stroke of cock inside her. And in the end she asked me to cum inside her pussy so she could feel my hot cum inside of her. I normally would have suggested that but she asked first which made me even more excited about. So I ended up shooting all I had inside her pussy and I loved it. Then I got my clothes on in couple of minutes and left the house before her hubby got there.

The next day she told me her husband got home and she purposely wore panties were it would be visible that cum was leaking out of her. And when her husband noticed what his wife had just done, he ended up fucking her some more. After that day, I ended fucking her again on and off camera so you will be seeing more of Debbie


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