Name: Debbie Dial

The Story:

Debbie is one of the first how wives I got on video for this site when I started, which was more than two years ago (amazing how fast time goes by) and basically every time she visit California wheter for business or vacation, we get together to play. And recently she was in town again so I wanted to do this video again since it had been a while that I last fucked her.

We in a way lost touch for about a year but recently we started emailing each other again. She thought I was going to be too busy to entertain her, but that was not the case. I would never be too busy to do Debbie. So after a few months of anticipation, she finally came over and I ended up hooking with her for a date. And the next day we ended up doing this video.

And my plan was to keep doing her after we were done with the video. But as the hot wife that she is, there was already another guy she had set up a date with. So after we were done, she got ready again and went out again to fuck some more.. slut wife indeed :)


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