Name: Desi Foxx

The Story:

Desi is a sexy hot girlfriend from Florida that I got together with last year. I met her thry a friend at a swing club that I go to when I am in Fort Lauderdale and I started to get together with her whenever I was in Florida. But since she wanted to be discreet about her lifestyle, we never got around to doing a video until my most recent visit to Florida couple of weeks ago. Also, another interesting thing about this story is that I've also been with her daughter, who is on my other site. This is my first time in a mother/daughter connection so it has been a very unique experience as you might imagine.

Anyway, I first got together with Desi earlier last year and she referred her daughter to meet me couple of months ago. And things went so well that she figure she would try it too for the fun of it. So couple of weeks ago while I was down in Florida, I went to pick her up at work and then we went out for drinks. Afterwards, I brought her back to my hotel room and I did this video. I thought about doing this at her home where Ellie was, but decided against it since they are both open in their sex lives but do not have sex around each other. Anyway, once back at my place, I started to take some pictures of her and then I bent her over and I started to fuck her good. And she was great, we fucked and fucked a lot. And in the end you can see us react to the guy staying in the next room knocking on my door for being too loud. In fact, they even sent security to have a talk with me. But how could a man like me be quiet when I am creaming a hot woman like Desi..

Anyway, we kept it low afterwards and she is supposed to come visit me along with Ellie in the next few weeks. So I have to think about how this is going to work out as I love being with both of them.


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