Name: Devyn

Location: California

The Story:

Devyn is a hot wife that was visiting California on business from the Mid West few weeks ago. We had been in touch for a while after meeting online and talking about featuring her on this site. She married recently but she has always fucked other men (other than her now husband) because she "can't get enough cock" in her own words. So when she told me she was going to be in LA for a few days, I was pretty excited to finally meet her. I picked her up from the airport and right away in the car she was getting all hot and horny. And she started to suck my cock while I was driving. I also invited my friend to come fuck her too and she was very happy about the idea of getting multiple cocks for her.

I took her back to my place the same night I picked her up and I started to fuck her there. Devyn was all wet and she said she wanted to be a gangbang slut some day and that I had to trained her to be one. So I fucked her for a while until my friend showed up and then he started to fuck her too. I then call another one of the guys but he couldn't make it so it ended up being me and my friend doing Devyn. My friend fucked her for a long time too but she was still horny after he left, so she ended up staying at my place where I continued to do her throughout the night. She called her husband while she was sucking my cock and told him all about it too and left the cell phone on so he could hear how slut of a wife she is. And in the morning, I fucked her just a little bit more before she got dressed up to go to the meeting she was schedule to attend.. I enjoyed fucking Devyn a lot and I hope she will be back in LA soon.



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