Name: Drunna

The Story:

Druuna is a very hot woman I met just this past weekend. She is in a long term relationship and she has been swinging for several years. I first tried to hook up with her when I was in the East Coast last October but because of time, we simply did not have the chance to connect then. But to my luck, she was in California visiting for a few days and we met for coffee after her meeting with a friend. And from there, we went and got a hotel where we ended up doing this video.

At first, I had the impression that she was going to be on the shy side. But once we got acquainted, I realized that she really loves to fuck and let go. After taking the pictures I had to take, I started to go down on her and I could feel her body tremble every time by tongue licked her clit, and she was enjoying it so much that it made me enjoy it even more. I then noticed she liked her ass licked too, and I really got into that with her... specially with a nice perfect ass like hers! and after all that eating, she started to suck on my cock, which one can tell she loves doing it. And after that, I just started to fuck her for a good hour or so and I held my cum for as long as I could until I came all over her juicy ass.

After that, we were hanging out in the room and her friend came by and knocked. Apparently, he didn't know what she was going to do, so I grabbed my pants and my cameras and went into hiding in the bathroom. And I only left after he left with her. And the funny thing is that I still had a fresh smell of pussy over and I can only assume she was smelling like cock and my cum was still all over her ass and pussy. So I wonder if the friend made sense of that smell when he got close to her.. I love slutty women like her!! also, the next day we got together again and I invited friends as she is just insatiable.


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