Name: Elise

The Story:

Last week we were contacted by a young looking 29 year old who was looking to expand her sexual horizons by trying partners outside her current relationship. She also said that while she is the dominant person in her current relationship and that she wanted to “surrender herself” to another person or to a group of others. Being from Oregon, she decided to make the adventure a “sex-vacation” and flew into town for a whole weekend. Since Elise is bisexual and looking to have multiple partners at the same time, Tony figured that breaking her into the multiple partner scene would go smoother if she had both “flavors” to play with at the same time on her first adventure.

After arriving at Tony’s place and socializing for a bit to get aquatinted, Elise said she was ready. Tony got the camera going and didn’t wait long before testing Elise’s commitment to her sexual exploration; he told her to strip and she complied without hesitation. He then told her to get on her knees and told her to suck his cock; again she complied without hesitation. Elise seems to have been born a perfect “switch.”

When Tony saw that Elise was handling the “submission” well, he brought out another girl to join in. Tony and the other girl saw to it that Elise was the center of the sexual attention but weren’t too harsh on her as Elise is still new to submitting. They had sex with her for a good hour before Tony shot is load in her newly obedient mouth. Afterwards, he asked if she was ready to expand the group and she said yes, that she wanted “more.


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