Name: Envy

Location: California

The Story:

Envy is one woman I used to j/o to a lot in the late nineties. She did some adult movies back then with her husband and other man and I remember the one scene where I got off the most was one where she was getting double teamed by her husband and some other guy. So when found her thru a swinger friend of mine, I was thrilled by the fact that I could possibly meet a woman I had wished to fuck so much. So I sent her an email and told her about my sites and what not and she liked the idea since she thought my site was interesting. So on her vacation in California (She lives in Europe) with her husband, I got to meet them and I played with her a bit on our first meeting.

Then after a few days, I arranged to do this video along with one of my friends to double team Envy. She told me she really enjoyed how we cum inside women a lot and that she was looking forward to a double filling like Bethany Sweet did. So she came over to my place and we did the video. The first time I met Envy I had fingered her and she had given me a blow job while her husband watched but I had not fucked her yet, so this was my first time fucking her. Envy is so sexy and slutty and she had told me she had been slutting around already with other guys too, so after a few pictures we both started to fuck her. We must have taken turns on her for hours and after her pussy was starting to get sore, I came deep inside her and left a big load in her. Then my friend continued and pumped with more cum. She was literally filled up with joy and she had so much fun I had to bring more guys for her for another time before she left to go back home. So I arranged a gangbang for her as well the following night but that was off camera and her husband was a participant too.



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