Name: Ginger Moans

The Story:

Ginger is a hot girlfriend who recently got engaged to her long time boyfriend. She has been in the swinging lifestyle for about two years and she enjoys both men and women. However, lately it has been more guys as she enjoys the variety and her fiance loves to share her with other men.

I connected with Ginger thru a friend who introduced us. She wanted to be on the site and possibly do more adult modeling but she was just basically testing the waters. She was a little nervous when we first met but after a while she relaxed. Her fiance brought her over and he left when I started the video, he said he prefered to see on video so I had her all to myself for couple of hours.

Ginger has the most amazing tits and a hot body. And once we started to fuck, we couldn't stop. I did her for a long time, hard and fast like she likes it and in the end I came a few times with her. She is so hot and I am hoping to see her again soon.


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