Name: Heather

The Story:

I met up with Heather again couple of months ago after coming back from one of my trips and shot this video. I was actually sick with a cold when we did this and I would have preferred to be with Heather sometime after, but the problem was that she had told me she wanted me to creampie her before she got off the pill that weekend, since she was going to try to get pregnant with her husband. So it was one of those if not now, then who knows when. I got the room and went to a place near where she lives and fucked around there.

I have done Heather many times on and off camera and I really enjoy fucking her. But the drag of the cold took a toll on me and I didn't fuck her as much or as well as I wanted to, normally I like to fuck hot wives until they are satisfied but in this case I have to admit, I left her wanting for more.. so shame on me. But I couldn't help it, I was ill and had taken Tylenol extra strength.

Anyway, we got to the place and I did the best I could to make Heather enjoy herself. I fucked her for a little while and then I came deep inside her pussy like she wanted me to. Writing about it now, makes me want to go meet her and give her a double or a triple load.. I'm not sure when I will party with her again now that she is doing her thing, but I hope to see her again when she is ready.



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