Name: Heather

The Story:

I met Heather few months ago at a gangbang we organized for her on WCGB. I had wanted to get her on this site for a while and I finally just got around to it. She is a very active slut wife who simply loves to gets as many cocks as she can and she is open to just about anything. I suggested actually that she do her own website and she might do it, so maybe in the future you will see a lot more of her and who knows, maybe even play with her. She loves to fuck and I really enjoying fucking her.

So after not being able to connect with her for few months, I finally was able to touch base with her and get together. I rented a hotel room not too far from where she lived and she came over to have some fun while her husband stayed at home imagining what his hot wife was up to. He btw enjoys seeing Heather happy and filled up with cocks and cum and I promised her I would send her the video so they could both enjoy it together at home. I'm not sure how big their collection is but I'm sure there's plenty of her getting fucked by lots of different men.

Anyway, after meeting her at the hotel lobby, we chatted for a bit to catch up and we went to the room. And then I took some pics of her and started to fuck her. Her pussy felt so warm and wet and I pounded her pussy hard just like she was asking me to. At one point she asked me to fuck her even harder and that got me more into it as I could feel how much she enjoys cock. I grabbed her by her hair and fucked her for a long time and then we just kept on fucking more and more until I couldn't hold it anymore and shot my cumload inside her fertile slut pussy and that felt sooo good. My cock was still hard after I came as it was ready to for more of that pussy but I had to get back home so we left it at that and maybe sometime in the near future we'll meet again and I'll get to enjoy Heather again..



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