Name: Heidi

The Story:

Heidi is a slut girlfriend my friend found couple of weeks ago and invited over to his place to fuck. I was actually going to fuck her too as we were going to double team her and possibly double penetrate her, but I had some girlfriend issues in the last minute and had to cancel my appearance (yes, this man has a jealous girlfriend). So my buddy had her all to himself that night since I just couldn't get away to come fuck her.

My friend met her at a porn party in Hollywood (seems like we are having many of those in this city) and they exchanged numbers there. He told her she was really hot and she was cool with being on the site. Her boyfriend and her swing often, so he apparently was busy hitting on other women while Heidi was being picked up to get fucked for the site. And after a week or so, she agreed to come over to my friend's place to visit and this is when the video took place. Her boyfriend was supposed to come to for a mini-gangbang, but he couldn't make it because of work so in the end my lucky friend fucked her all by himself. And he told me she had a nice tight pussy and that she let him cum inside her couple of times that night. However, he couldn't fuck her in the ass because he was too big for her.. so I guess we will have to try again some other time. She is fucking hot.



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