Name: India Summer

The Story:

India is a hot wife from the Midwest that emailed me last month about coming out to California for a vacation and having some fun. She has been married for several years and they pretty much have an open relationship, where India can pretty much have as many lovers as she wants on the side. In fact, her husband told me she goes out on regular dates with her boyfriends while he stays at home doing something (or someone) else. She told me she had couple of boyfriends back home and that she was always looking to add more, as India really loves to fuck and simply can not get enough cock in her.

So when India finally made it to California, I invited her and her husband to come over. We talked for a bit about the lifestyle and what not, and after an hour or so of being there, I started to fuck her while her husband watched. I did my usual interview and my cock was all hard by the time I pulled it out, she got on her knees and gave a nice sensual blow job. She would suck my cock tonguing it slowly up and down while looking at me and then her husband and after a few minutes of that, I couldn't wait to be in her anymore. So I turned her around and put my hard cock inside her beautiful tight pussy. She enjoyed every stroke of my cock going in and out of her and I could feel her pussy wrap around all over my cock. I then took her to my room and I kept on fucking her there for a while more, until I couldn't hold my cum any longer and shot all over her. She then grabbed my cock sucked the rest of my cum out.


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