Name: India Summer

The Story:

India doesn't really need an introduction since most people probably know her by now by looking at my site. She is one of my favorite hot wives and it had been too long since I had the chance to be with her. She doesn't come to California often and the last few times she did come I was out of town, so we finally made it happen last week that we were both in town. She is such hot babe and she loves to fuck, I just wish she lived closer.

Anyway, this time she came to myself by herself and I had her to myself for a few hours. We got a chance to catch up since last time I almost saw her was when I was in Miami 7 months ago (time flies). So we got to talk and had a few drinks to relax and stuff. We then started to make out and I started to feel her wet pussy and I grabbed the camera to start filming the action. I started to lick her pussy for a while and then we just started to go at it for a while. In the end, I think I did her for almost 3 hours and we made each other cum several times. I hope it won't be another half a year until I get to see her again.


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