Name: Iris Reyes

The Story:

Iris is a hot and horny swinging wife from Northern California we had a pleasure to party with few weeks ago. She has been in the lifestyle for a few years and she just loves to fuck different guys for variety. She said she has always been very sexual and horny and that finding a man that understands his needs has been perfect for her, as she can have her cake and eat it too.

She has a normal job back in Northern California but she wouldn't mind having a site where she shows off her many sexual adventures. So I told her I might be able to help her out with a site. On this video, she takes on my friend Icarus (she loves younger guys) and he fucks her really good until he cums deep inside her fertile pussy. A few days after me and couple of guys did a mini gangbang with her off camera since she is the type of girl who just can't have enough cock.


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