Name: Isabella

The Story:

I met Isabella thru a buddy of mine who like me also loves hot wives and girlfriends. And few weeks ago he met Isabella and he introduced her to me so I could put her up on my website. And man she is hot.. I went to pick her up at the hotel where she was staying by Beverly Hills and then I took her to the park there to take some pictures. And if it was because there were so many cars passing by, I would have just fucked her then and there since I wanted to really fuck her from the second I met her. She told me she has a man that enjoys and approves of her adventures and that he has been encouraging her to take her sexuality out on the camera for all men to see how sexual she is.

Anyway, after the park, we got in the car and we made out and fooled around a bit. And since it was daytime, I didn't want to take the risk of getting caught in the car fucking (been caught several times already). So I took her back to my place and I made love to this hot woman. I fucked her vigorously for couple of hours and then took her out to eat and fucked her some more back at her hotel. I really want to do her again and I've been keeping in touch with her so I can make her a shared "girlfriend".


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