Name: Isabella Rosa

The Story:

Isabella Rossa is a hot girlfriend who is originally from Scandinavia. She although she is not married now, she was in the past and ended up divorced several times because she always got caught with other men. Recently though, she has met a guy that enjoys sharing her with other men and so it seems to finally be working out for her. Her boyfriend is a member of the website and asked if she ever thought of having an encounter recorded on video; she replied that she had thought about it but that she always needed to be secretive in the past. Now that she could be open about her encounters, she said she re-entertained the thought about it.

Isabella is a free-spirit, wild type of woman so things got going rather quickly when she went over to Tonyís place. She enjoyed the oral attention that Tony gave her to start things off and after making sure he was as hard as possible, she took Tony inside her pussy. Tonyís assistant was there to make sure that Isabella would be taking home the a great sex video for her to share with her boyfriend. Tony finished the video by shooting his load on her ass for the whole world to see.


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