Name: Itty Bitty

The Story:

One of the interesting things I have noticed with this website and the emails I get from the members is, the variance on the hot wife/girlfriend theme. Just last week, I had a member contact us and tell us that he wanted to have his hot wife appear on the website and that he would send her to us in her “slut” persona. He told us that there are two sides to her and that he would be sending her to us as Itty Bitty, the “slut name” that this “29” year old, hot wife uses when out on her slutty, sexual adventures. Her husband has been sharing her in this persona with other men for quite some time now and they have decided to push the boundaries and make it public now by having us post it to the site.

Itty Bitty showed up wearing a black cocktail dress(which she said should really be called a “tail for cock” dress) and some black heels ready to have sex for the whole world to see. It didn’t take long at all for Tony and Itty to start going at it and as time went on, Itty actually became more and more submissive.


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