Name: Jade

The Story:

I met Jade after she and her man emailed me few weekend ago on a Friday night. I remember I was busy editing videos and pictures and all of a sudden this email came from them telling me how much they enjoyed the site and how Jade wanted to be on it. And the best part was that they were literally 10 minutes away, a rare even since people are usually all over the country. So I invited them for a drink that same night and we ended up hooking up.

I met them both at a local sports bar and they told me they had done done some swinging at the better known clubs in LA. But the whole hot wife/girlfriend lifestyle was new to them and wanted to give it a try. But for Jim (her man), it was more about loaning her out to guys than him being present during the sex. So after talking for about an hour, he let me take her back to my place with the condition I fuck her everywhere and bring her back home by 1am. So I gladly accepted (of course) and took her back to my place where we did this video. She was excited about the whole thing and she asked me if we could make it more private the first time as in not so much light or focus on the video itself, so that's what I did. I brought her into my bedroom and I fucked her for hours with the lights on and off. I fucked her ass a lot and I came inside her ass too. And in all she made me cum like five time.

After the session, I drove her back to her place where Jim waited eagerly to hear all about her slut adventure. And I tried hooking up with her the next day but didn't get a chance. But hopefully I will be in the ass soon again :)


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