Name: Jazzmin

The Story:

Jazzmin is a hot wife from Daytona, FL I met on my travels there just few weeks ago. I had contacted her on the internet about getting together to have some fun and eventually I found she was open to being on a website, so I told her about this site and she and her husband agreed to be on it. I was in Florida only for the weekend and I was in Orlando first, but I drove to Daytona to meet Jazzmin right before bike week started. She came to the hotel room I was staying with her husband and he told me he got off a lot seeing his wife be a slut not only in front of me but the entire world.

Once we chatted a bit, we got down to business and I started to eat Jazzmin's pussy while her hubby sat quietly in a corner watching me fuck his wife. I made her cum licking her pussy and then she returned the favor my putting my hard cock inside her mouth and sucking on it for a long time. She would look at her husband to see what was his reaction while she had a hard cock in her mouth. I then started to finger her and started to fuck her wet pussy. I pounded hard and fast just like she wanted it and after fucking her for about an hour, I ended up cumming inside Jazzmin's pussy.

We then took a break and her husband jumped in and fucked her some more. I got back and fucked her a bit more but it was getting late and I had to get back to Orlando to meet a date, so I left them both at the hotel room fucking. The next day I sent the pictures to them so they could keep it in their collection and they told me next time I was in town I could bring friends to gangbang her for the first time.



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