Name: Jenna

The Story:

I met Jenna on my most recent trip to Florida just a month ago. She has been married for several years and her husband enjoys knowing that she is with other men. She also did couple of home videos before and her husband said that it was a big turn on to see his wife be a "porn girl" and be the object of fantasy of many men out there. I almost had no time to meet Jenna because I was about to leave Tampa but her husband was so persistent on me fucking her, that I just couldn't say now.. I know, what a tough position to be in uhh :)

Anyway, just few hours before leaving, I extended my stay at the hotel for the afternoon and they both came to hotel lounge. Actually, the kids were in the van believe it or not. And after talking for a little, he just told me to fuck his wife while he dropped the kids at some school event or after school event. He was there watching at first but then had to go for the kids and I just did my thing with Jenna. She is a tall girl and has a nice body plus she is actually pretty tight, despite being a mom. I fucked her a little off camera but mostly it was on video. I fucked her for maybe 45 minutes and then the hubby came back just in time to witness the finale. I asked him if he wanted to join in, but he was happy watching. And at his request, I got Jenna on her knees and ended up cumming all over her face.

I then pretty much bolted and left them in the room and went to New Jersey. They both sent me a message later to thank me for meeting them before leaving and that they were really looking forward to seeing her on the web as a horny wife.


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