Name: Jerilyn

The Story:

Jerilyn is a hot girlfriend I found couple of weeks ago. She has a boyfriend who enjoys watching her with other guys and being on the site was a fantasy come true for them. She is pretty wild despite coming across being shy. She has a pretty smile and when I finally got to meet her, I wanted her really bad.

So few days after she arrived in California we met for drinks and once it was all cool, we set up the video. As you will see she is not too talkative and might be on the more quite side, but rest assured she loves to fuck. She was telling me before the video she had done a gangbang with 8 guys she met at a club and it was just hard for me to imagine since she just looked so "innocent". Anyway, I did her a lot that afternoon and I am hoping to see her again sometime soon before she goes back home.


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