Name: Jessica Fontana

The Story:

This past summer, Tony went to his 20-year high school reunion and ending up hooking up with a daughter of one of his old classmates and that gave him an idea. He started looking up girls that he had gone to high school with on the internet by searching his high school name and time frame that attended, on a popular social networking site. Sure enough he found a girl that he used to lust after although she is no longer a cute teen, she is hot wife now! Her name is Jessie and she told Tony that after graduation she moved back east and got married. She admitted to Tony that although she was a good girl back in high school, once she pasted the age of 30, she found her self sexually and cant believe she denied her self sex when she was younger.

Tony invited her to stop by when she came to visit her family for the winter holidays since he knew she wasnít very monogamous to her husband. Tony showed her the site and asked if she would be bold enough to try it. She said sure and she didnít seem to care if her husband found out. She told Tony that she does whatever she wants including sexual encounters with other men regardless of what her husband thinks or says. I guess since he is still with her, he must not mind.

One thing Tony really surprised Tony is the way Jessieís body has not changed much in the last 20 years. She is still petite and her titts are just as perky; her ass is still firm and round. I wonder what thoughts were going through Tonyís mind as he was finally getting to have sex with this woman 20+ years after he first saw her as a young teen. Its really evident that he really enjoyed fucking this woman based on the huge load he spayed all over her face.


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