Name: Josi Valentine

The Story:

Josi is a beautiful girl I found online just last week. I remember when I first saw her, I thought she was a well know celebrity (I'm sure you guys can guess) but she wasn't and to my luck she wanted to try being on videos. Josi is originally from Boston where her BF still resides but he encourages to fuck any guys she likes and be free with her sex life, so I guess I just happened to be very lucky that day.

I exchanged a few emails with her for a bit over a week and recently we finally met and we had a good time. And here are the pictures and the video I took of her getting a good creampie inside her beautiful pussy and I am sure her BF back home who enjoys watching her acting out slutty will really enjoy it. And not only is she hot but she is very down to earth and cool so maybe we'll get together again soon!


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