Name: Karina

The Story:

It has been about a year ago that I last saw Karina when she left California for Georgia. And few days ago she called me up to let me know she wanted to come to LA for a weekend to have some fun. Apparently she can't be as wild back in her new hometown so she prefers to meet lovers far from home. And she even brought a hot girlfriend with her but she needed to be very discreet so she couldn't appear on the site. However, Karina loves to show up and here she is getting fucked from my friend couple of nights ago.

We started by fucking off camera a little and then I shot this video of her and my friend. And after the video her friend and I joined in and we made it a foursome that lasted until early morning. Her friend is single and she is equally as slutty as Karina. Also, Karina's husband has been traveling in Europe so she has been especially horny so she wasn't holding back. I think she came on video like half a dozen times and then half a dozen more later. She is fun and I hope she will come again and visit soon.


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