Name: Katy May

The Story:

Katy is a hot slutty girlfriend I met few weeks ago. And in her case, it is her that gets off fucking around while her man stays at home. She told me she had always been really horny and that she has always told guys that she needs more than one cock to keep her satisfied. And when she ended up with jealous boyfriends, she would have no choice but to get cock on the side. So Katy is basically unstoppable.

I first met her out at the local mall after connecting on the internet. And after she got comfortable with me, I took her to a park nearby to take some pictures. And she was acting so slutty, I couldn't help but start doing her right at the park. I was able to video her sucking my cock and I think some people even saw us.

After fucking her in the park, I brought her back to my place and finished fucking her for hours. Her boyfriend was at work and actually didn't know (she was supposed to tell him afterwards) and the fact that she was the one pushing her boyfriend into accepting her as a slut excited me a lot. In fact, I got so excited I came inside her cunt couple of times to leave my seed in her. And next time I hope I can fuck her ass and cum inside her there too.


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